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Our department has been an integral part of the university since its establishment in 1962. The original mandate of the department was for the training of teachers for the secondary schools and teacher training colleges in the country. However, over the years this has changed as the department now trains students for all the sectors of the Ghanaian economy. Our graduates can also be found in other universities abroad pursuing further studies or working with both governmental and non-governmental institutions.

Some of the pioneer lecturers in the department were Prof. Rao from India, Miss Rutherford from Canada,  Prof. Brian Edgar from U.K, and the following Professors from Ghana, namely, Prof. V. C. Dadson, Prof. Ludtherodt,  Prof. D. N. Offei and Prof. R. A. Ampomah.

Prof. D. N. Offei,  Prof. V. C. Dadson,  Prof. R. A. Ampomah, Prof. B. K. Gordor, and Prof. Natalia Mensah who are all retired now, headed the department during their days with the department. 

We currently have staff strength of 12 made up of 2 retired professors, myself, 3 senior lecturers, 3 lecturers, one assistant lecturer, and 2 teaching associate with one on study leave in the USA.

Head of Department

Prof. Ernest Yankson






Featured News

13 Feb 23

Dr. Stephen Moore is a senor lecturer at the Department of Mathematics, University of Cape Coast, Ghana has been awarded a Google research grant of 30,000USD to continue research in Artificial Intelligence (AI).